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The company has a technology R & D center of more than 5000 square meters, a Research Institute of scraper, special vehicles, shearers, geological drilling and excavation, equipped with specialized production organizations such as structural parts, finishing, general assembly, blanking, and more than 200 sets of modern large and medium-sized processing and testing equipment, as well as a standard production plant of more than 40000 square meters matched with it.
Enterprises actively build intelligent manufacturing production system, establish digital manufacturing information system, workshop level industrial network communication network, intelligent based on robot technology Manufacturing system also includes intelligent factory infrastructure construction, process equipment and testing equipment, instrument purchase, material identification and automatic identification system construction, enterprise resource planning management system construction, manufacturing execution system construction, distributed numerical control system construction, data collection and supervision system construction, quality information management construction and product data management system construction.
Robot welding
Intelligent welding robot assembly line
Intelligent welding manufacturing center
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