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Happy to leave the old year and welcome the new year

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President Lu took part in the activity and showed his skill

We gather to welcome the new year. On the morning of January 23, on the occasion of the year of gengzi in the lunar calendar, Tianming Machinery Group held a 2020 New Year's entertainment activity, which welcomed the arrival of the new year with a variety of activities and the laughter of the staff

President Lu took part in the activity and showed his skill

Under the careful organization of the trade union of the group, all kinds of cultural and recreational activities loved by the majority of employees have been staged, including rope skipping, table tennis and other sports, as well as various kinds of interesting activities, such as scaffolds, funny relay, three people and four feet. The majority of employees are enthusiastic and actively participating in the activities, and the slogans of cheering and cheering come from time to time on the scene of the activities, and the cheers of victory come from time to time The atmosphere is lively

The players in the rope skipping field "jump" with energy

At the dawn of Spring Festival, the factory area is full of lights and flowers. It is full of happy and peaceful festival atmosphere, which condenses the happy mood of the employees who love the factory and are thriving

Employees actively participate in activities

In the rope skipping arena, table tennis room and interesting relay competition area, all the teams actively participate in the workshop. Through intense competition, they won the first, second and third prizes, memorial awards and participation awards. The cheers on the sidelines are also higher and higher, and the cheers are endless. "Tianming people" show the spirit of unity and progress to the fullest. No matter in groups or individuals, the players have played out their styles and competed at a high level. The sports enthusiasts in ordinary days show their posture of straightening out, and the scene of the activity is full of laughter, friendship, mutual assistance and warmth. The trade union of the group also presented rich prizes to the contestants and enjoyed the scene

Various activities


At the end of the activity, the majority of employees expressed that the activity showed the drive of Tianming people, reflected the spirit of "catching up and surpassing competition", enriched their spare time cultural life, further enhanced their cohesion and centripetal force, and provided strong impetus for all works in 2020

Award winning employees are jubilant to receive awards

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