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[style of NPC Representative] Lu Mingli: be the leader of "China's Intelligent Manufacturing"

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  Four innovative achievements fill the gaps in the world industry, and technology is in the leading position in the world; six innovative achievements are recognized as the first set of major technical equipment; 19 innovative achievements fill the gaps in China, and technology department is at the first-class level in the world, and has undertaken the transformation projects of major scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu Province twice, and won many provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards These innovations and technological achievements come from the intensive study of Lu Mingli and his team for 20 years





Jiangsu Tianming machinery group was founded in January 2000, headquartered in Lianyungang, the east bridgehead of Asia Europe continental bridge. It is an enterprise group specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of high-end equipment. Its products cover "four major fields", namely textile machinery, geological equipment, mining equipment and special vehicles.
In 1999, Lu Mingli, then the director of the municipal pressure vessel factory, decided to give up the immediate "comfort" and "go to the sea" for a break. When people think that lumingli, like most entrepreneurs, continues to work in the fields that he is familiar with, lumingli has a new way to deal with a special "small, fine and sharp" component - spandex spinneret and false twister.
From small to large, this native Lianyungang people, with the courage to innovate, the more frustrated the more courageous impressive. After countless breakthroughs, failures and sleepless nights, Lu Mingli and his team have finally successfully developed key parts that can replace imported spandex spinning equipment. In that year, they opened a market breakthrough and won the "first barrel of gold" for entrepreneurship.

In the following 20 years, the market of the machinery industry has fluctuated, but Lu Mingli firmly believes that "innovation is the biggest driving force and inexhaustible source for an enterprise to advance." Therefore, 20 years as one day, he always led the team to uphold the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, aiming at the outstanding problems and pain points and difficulties reflected by the market and enterprises, and successfully developed the world's first 24 cake full-automatic spandex winding machine, large cake spandex winding machine, three-dimensional integrated spinning frame assembly and other high-tech products, including the key technologies of JRT series full-automatic spandex winding machine independently developed Compared with similar products at home and abroad, it has made significant innovation and is at the international leading level. The project product customer group covers the major large-scale spandex textile enterprises in China, with production technology, product quality and market share ranking first in China and second in the world. Last year, Tianming machinery won the title of single champion demonstration enterprise in China's manufacturing industry with its main product spandex spinning and winding machine complete set of equipment






Scientific and technological innovation has created a strong core competitiveness. Recently, Tianming machinery received two good news in succession:
First, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the plan for the second batch of industry standard preparation and revision projects in 2019, and Tianming machinery was determined to be the leading unit of quality improvement standard projects in relevant industries, with the task of formulation. This is not only the specific embodiment of the demonstration role of the single champion enterprise in the manufacturing industry, but also will further enhance the industry status, industry influence and industry technology discourse power of Tianming machinery.
Second, the 2019 national intellectual property advantage demonstration enterprise declared by Tianming machinery passed the assessment and evaluation of the State Intellectual Property Office and became another national model enterprise after winning the title of single champion demonstration enterprise in manufacturing industry







Lu Mingli has also won many honors, such as the national "ten thousand talents plan" leading talents in science and technology entrepreneurship, experts enjoying the special allowance of the State Council, national model workers in the machinery industry, national outstanding entrepreneurs in the machinery industry, and the second level experts of "333 high level talent training project" in Jiangsu Province



"Some people once said that I was stupid. Enterprises do not study capital operation, but always engage in scientific research and innovation. My classmate once said, "Lu Mingli, how much money can you earn by using those technologies?" But I don't regret it. I think it is the most valuable and meaningful thing for an enterprise to be down-to-earth and contribute to the country and society. " When it comes to Tianming machinery's efforts to build a world-class product with core competitiveness, Lu Mingli said passionately








In 2010, inspired by the successful rescue of Chile's mining disaster, China decided to establish a national rescue center, but no domestic enterprise can manufacture this kind of multi-functional drilling rig to implement rescue in heavy and severe mining disaster. Hearing this news, Lu Mingli felt a heavy responsibility on his shoulders and decided to lead Tianming machinery to tackle the problem.
Lu Mingli's self-confidence comes from the "innovation base" laid down by Tianming machinery's continuous innovation. Lu recalled that at that time, Tianming machinery was already a high-tech enterprise under the national Torch Program. It established a national postdoctoral workstation, a provincial engineering technology research center and a provincial enterprise technology center, and established a relatively perfect R & D platform and mature innovation mechanism in combination with world-class manufacturing enterprises and well-known universities at home and abroad. It also introduced dozens of high-end talents in the industry, Have a strong technical team.
On August 16, 2011, with the roar of the Yellow River bank, the multi-functional vehicle rescue drilling rig independently developed by Tianming machinery was successfully drilled in Baode coal mine, Shanxi Province, and became the first batch of key rescue equipment of the national rescue center. This kind of drill adapts to the complex field environment, with the maximum hole diameter of 2 meters and the maximum drilling depth of 5000 meters. It can not only replace the import, but also sell for 65% of the import price. It can also be used for multiple purposes.
On April 19, 2017, a water seepage accident occurred in the underground of bandingliangta coal mine in Daliuta test area, Shenmu county, Shaanxi Province. Time is life. Shenhua Shendong coal group immediately mobilized the large caliber vehicle mounted intelligent rescue rig developed by Tianming machinery from Shendong national rescue center to the scene for rescue. After 20 hours of fighting, all the trapped people survived!
Knowing the news, Lu was very proud. He recalled, "at that time, I heard that Tianming rescue rig won precious time for successful rescue. Suddenly, I felt that the career I was engaged in was closely related to the development of our country, and Tianming was also making great contributions to our country."
It is particularly worth mentioning that Tianming machinery independently developed the world's first set of 8.8m super large mining height intelligent scraper conveyor complete equipment, which was put into production in Shendong Shangwan Coal Mine of national energy group in March last year. On the eve of national day this year, the 8.8m super large mining height intelligent comprehensive mining face has achieved safe, smooth, high-quality and efficient connection, which has laid a heavy foundation for the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China Congratulations from Diandian. The successful development and smooth operation of this set of "giant" comprehensive mining equipment has solved the world's difficult problem of mining extra thick coal seams. Tianming machinery has thus reached the top of the world in this field, competing for gas for Chinese enterprises, glory for the nation and glory for the motherland!
In 2019, Tianming Machinery Group's latest innovation, the birth of large-diameter hard rock rotary drilling rig, will solve the world problem of low drilling efficiency of large-diameter hard rock, and is a revolutionary initiative to solve the pain point of engineering drilling industry.
In 2020, Tianming machinery will start its business for the 20th anniversary. Looking back on its 20-year commitment, Lu Mingli believes that the core of its stable operation lies in its original intention of "rejuvenating the national equipment manufacturing industry"






As the representative of the 11th and 13th Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress, Lu Mingli not only devoted himself to the cause of craftsmanship, but also focused on the development of his hometown. During his tenure as the representative of the 13th Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress, considering that Lianyungang petrochemical industry base is one of the Seven Coastal Petrochemical bases deployed by the State Council, in order to promote the economic development of Lianyungang, Lu Mingli and several other representatives joined hands He put forward suggestions on accelerating the construction of national petrochemical industry bases. They hope to put forward suggestions through practical actions, obtain policy support, accelerate the construction of petrochemical industry in their hometown, and boost the high-quality development of the port city


"The provincial development and Reform Commission replied to us soon, and I was very satisfied. In recent years, Lianyungang has been approved as a "free trade zone" with the theme of "high-quality development, later development and first arrival". We must seize the advantages of policies and accelerate the development of the port city with practical actions. " Lu said.

In November this year, as a deputy to the provincial people's Congress, Lu Mingli took the initiative to set an example, actively joined with municipal and District People's congresses in the centralized activities of Haizhou District People's congresses at all levels, listened to the voice of voters face-to-face, understood the public opinion, spoke for the people better, performed his duties better and helped the people solve practical problems in a down-to-earth manner


    Lu Mingli is an old friend of the procuratorial organ. As the representatives of the two provincial people's congresses, he has been paying close attention to and actively supporting the work of the procuratorial organ. In recent years, the procuratorial organ has taken various measures to serve private enterprises, which he has seen and remembered.

On August 15 of this year, in the "escort private enterprise development" procuratorial open day activity held by Lianyungang City and Haizhou District procuratorates, he said, "procuratorial organs escort private enterprises, solve the difficulties of private enterprises point to point, create a better business environment for us, and let our private entrepreneurs have more confidence, especially for the technological innovation and intellectual property rights of enterprises Judicial protection, let us refreshing. "


Song Xianglin, procurator general of Lianyungang people's Procuratorate visited Tianming Machinery Co., Ltd




Turning to the expectations and suggestions for procuratorial organs, he said that since the beginning of this year, the two level Procuratorate of Lianyungang and Haizhou district has closely carried out a series of important instructions made by general secretary Xi Jinping on the development of the private economy, and thoroughly implemented the spirit of the documents of the Supreme Procuratorate, the provincial and municipal services, and the development of private enterprises. We have developed solutions to difficult problems, worked in a pragmatic manner, listened to the needs of enterprises, and at the same time entered private enterprises. We have carried out special service activities such as "asking for needs, protecting rights and interests, and promoting development". We have also carried out a series of targeted legal training and publicity, case interpretation and other work, fully demonstrating the responsibility of the procuratorate in serving private enterprises.
The representative of Lu Mingli hoped that the procuratorial organ could further carry out investigation and research, do targeted, proactive, find the breakthrough point and focus point of serving private enterprises, and strive to create a better development environment for the development of private economy. We should always focus on serving the development of the private economy, grasp it in our hands and implement it in specific actions, so as to promote the continuous and healthy development of the private economy.
Source: Lianyungang Procuratorate
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