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Epidemic prevention and production to promote sustainable economic development

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Novel coronavirus epidemic our wills unite like a fortress. We are in a strong and orderly way to promote the prevention and control of new coronavirus. In order to prevent and control the epidemic situation and ensure the economic operation, Tianming machinery group, under the care and guidance of governments at all levels, through the joint efforts of all cadres and employees, and with the approval of Haizhou District, Lianyungang City, where the enterprise is located, resumed production on February 13. Lu Mingli, chairman of the group, was personally on the front line to organize the inspection of epidemic prevention and resumption of work 

Chairman Lu Mingli went deep into the production line and put forward requirements for epidemic prevention and control and production

Tianming machinery group insists on putting epidemic prevention and control first, earnestly fulfilling the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, strictly implementing the relevant requirements of "eight unifications", under the unified command of the group's epidemic prevention and control leading group, the returning employees strictly perform the prevention and control measures, cooperate with the procedures of temperature measurement, wearing masks and registration, and orderly return to work。 



Later, Chairman Lu Mingli went to all production workshops, canteens and epidemic prevention areas to check the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in detail, and required to actively promote the production and operation work under the premise of completing the emergency plan, staff registration and monitoring, epidemic prevention material guarantee, plant killing and cleaning, canteen peak stagger meal distribution and other related prevention and control work, so as to achieve both epidemic prevention and control and production and operation

Employees returning to work actively put into production

To this end, the heads of each unit lead all employees to fight against the epidemic, grasp the detailed epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly check the external personnel, effectively control the internal employees, ensure the life safety and health of the employees, implement the promotion plan for the resumption of work and production of the enterprise, orderly carry out production and operation activities such as order guarantee, market guarantee and customer guarantee, and fully guarantee the sustainable development of the group's economy

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